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In order to compete at a maximum level on SEM, setting the correct data design foundation is crucial to scale the accounts and provide accurate value to the rest of the paid and non-paid channels. MASK™ is a solid design methodology that deconstructs an account and builds a long-lasting structure that serves as a robust campaign "hardware". Gauss & Neumann believes that this is the single most important decision on SEM today. MASK™ is the result of nine years of research by Gauss & Neumann, and it has been recognized as a winning technique by first tier SEM investing companies and publications such as Fortune, Forbes or Inc.

Just as architects create plans to design buildings, we think that the way you structure an SEM account really matters. We see keywords as possibilities of finding audiences that fit our clients' products. We transform regular accounts that range in the thousands of keywords and create new structures that range in the millions. The amount matters, but the design is even more important.

SEM Structure

5K to 100K

SEM Structure


MASK™ w/
Applied Technology


Gauss & Neumann splits any term that a user could use to find a product on a search engine, into the largest number of possible combinations of words that represent it. On average, our accounts are 8 times larger than most of the accounts in the SEM industry.

A Simple Idea: Precise Ads For Every Query

The simplest idea behind MASK™ is that it is so much bigger and better-organized than a regular structure, that it can consistently deliver ads composed with the same keywords used by the users and in the same order the queries were made, raising the CTRs and Quality Scores globally. Like the difference in precision between a 5x and a 40x microscope, MASK™ helps to find problems and detect new opportunities with much greater precision. This ultimately translates results into more sales at lower costs. Find out why

Besides the number of keywords, MASK™ also takes good care of the structure in which those are allocated. MASK™ could have multiple structures, depending on the type of business you have, and every single one is different. Creating a MASK™ for an sporting goods e-Commerce is not the same as a MASK™ for an airline. Every industry has different types of products and data that makes them different. A MASK™ architect takes into consideration most business variables for the clustering of keywords and labeling. This clustering is so strict that it allows for bidding models using semantic correlations and it is really easy to know where every single keyword is allocated.

Taking Control: Negative Filtering

Every SEM account contains a MASK™ and parallel to it, it also contains an anti-MASK™ of negative keywords. Because the clustering of keywords is so strict and does not have any impurities (misplacement of keywords), it is then possible to create a parallel structure that contains negative keywords in such a way that the MASK™ has total control over the advertising impressions. This second negative layer of keywords is impossible to create unless you use MASK™. This means that it is impossible to control the allocation of the impressions in every ad group without using this methodology.

Sometimes the impressions that should be controlled by an ad group are controlled by an adjacent one simply because of the lack of negative keywords in place. The anti-MASK™ is like a backbone that makes sure that we have total control over the impressions being made.

No matter the number of countries, languages and accounts that you may have, MASK™ will allocate the same types of keywords in the same areas of the structure. This allows for product optimization across languages and countries. See below

Tailored Technology

Along with MASK™ comes a great level of complexity that is only possible to optimize and understand with tailored technology. Our technologies are designed to make business decisions on millions of keywords and hundreds of thousands of ads every single day. These tailored technologies unify the data contained in all the structures with third and first party data, providing clarity and decision making.

Gauss & Neumann technologies include structure design, optimization and reporting.
No standard technologies are used or needed under our management.
More about tailored technology

MASK™ is a systemic way of managing SEM accounts that allows for a great level of optimization but also for geographical and SKU expansion. With MASK™, improvements in Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) averaging 30% and increases in sales volume of around 40% are possible. These variables will depend on the market and industry of operation.

In the end, MASKs™ becomes a reflection of the market and compete organically with other players whose structures are smaller, stiffer and unstructured. With MASK™, everything translates into more sales and profit margin.

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